5 Important Things in Website Design

5 Important Things in Website Design

5 Important Things in Website Design – Websites should be designed meticulously. Designing a website means paying attention to every detail such as design (colours, grids, typography) and code (single page application).

5 Important Things in Website Design

By creating a seamless and consistent experience for your visitors, you can gain their trust and conversion into potential customers.

Do not use splash pages

It’s often said that if someone is on your website, you have a one-second window to grab their attention. Splash pages were created as a way to approach this problem. They give you an opportunity to greet visitors as they first enter your site, and also as an opportunity to present some initial value.

However…. Splash pages are awful . It’s best to avoid them all together. First off, they look tacky and cheap. Second, they discourage engagement and distract users from the core purpose

Do not use excessive banner advertisements

It’s time to stop thinking of banners as a viable sales channel. As a marketer, you should know by now that banner ads are ignored and even blocked by many users. Instead, think of affiliate links as a way to increase your website traffic and revenue.

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It’s important to provide value-added content on your site, which is a great way to entice visitors to stay longer and interact with your content. Provide useful articles and information, and include links within the articles.

However, always include a disclosure at the bottom that you have links that will lead readers straight to where they can buy the products that you recommend. If you achieve this correctly, your readers will leave your site as a happy consumer of your recommended product.

Have a simple and clear navigation

The navigation menu may be the first thing your visitors see. It should be easy to use and not confusing.

Flash menus and other complicated interfaces can be confusing for visitors. Simplify your design in order to increase the usability of your website. The simpler it is for people to navigate your site, the more likely they are to do so.

Navigation should be simple and straightforward, with clear page titles that tell visitors exactly what they’ll find when they click on that link.

Have a clear indication of where the user is

Content is one of the most important things on your site. It’s also an area that causes a lot of mistakes, not only from fledgling companies that have just started off, but from senior professionals with years of expertise.

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There are a number of companies out there who produce stunning, well laid-out pages, but when a potential customer lands on a certain page, it’s not clear what the next step is. Often it takes too much time for a user to go from the content they’re looking at to signing up or making a purchase.

Users who come to your website should be able to find the page they want easily. Your navigation buttons and links should make sense and follow a standard convention so that users can understand why they should purchase from you. When a user purchases from you, it’s because that user wants to achieve a certain goal.

Having a top menu with a variety of options can be confusing both for your customers and for your search rankings.

If you’re not targeting very specific keywords and phrases and instead catering to people who know what they’re after, then you should consider using a drop-down menu that only displays the pertinent information about your product or service.

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This will make it easier for people to find what they need instead of having to look through several pages to find the product they’re interested in.

Avoid using audio on your site

Text: The browser provides you with a number of tools to ensure that each visitor gets exactly what they need from your site. Our goal is to create an excellent experience for our users, and this means we will provide the right information requested by the user. Browser-based technologies such as CSS and JavaScript allow us to follow their movements around the screen and build hyperlinks to other pages.

In the content we provide, we want to make sure that our visitors find what they are looking for. This means that we make sure the articles we create are very specific and focus on a particular keyword in Google’s ranking algorithm.

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